Hi and welcome!

My name is Sanneke, the woman behind Talvi Creations, a place where I sell prints, stationery and who knows what else down the line! I love stationery and have more notebooks and washi tapes than I really need, but I just love it. I've always been creative and I enjoy learning new things. I love photography and travelling, where I blog about here. I have a strong and ever growing love for nature, the outdoors, New Zealand, Nordic countries and the Arctic.

Talvi is the Finnish word for winter. I chose this word because of a realisation I had in February '21. We had quite a bit of snow (for Dutch standards, haha) and initially, I was dreading it. I'm more of a Spring person and over here, wintery conditions usually mean issues in traffic and other inconveniences. One day, I was walking through the local park, complete with snow boots and cosy warm coat. I was enjoying myself! I reminisced my winter holiday to Svalbard the year before and it made me think to myself 'I used to love this. What happened?' 

So for me, Talvi Creations stands for 'learning to love winter', allowing myself to shift my focus and to make more time for things that make me happy. Like this creative adventure I've embarked on! I'm excited and hope you'll come along for the ride!


Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 83338780
VAT (BTW): NL003804871B47